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but in vain. Finally, ocular compression was resorted to as
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of the work as a whole will be sufficiently explained if we
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death from suffocation in bed, twenty-eight per cent of such cases occurred
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Teratology [ripa^, a monster), is a part of biology that
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)1 either is the begintiing of disease; and the continuance of either for a
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the unpleasant symptoms were due to the setting free of
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bloodvessels or lymphatics — jaundice from parapedesis (paracholia of
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once put into a warm bed, the foot and leg comfortably wrapped up in flannel.
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tampon at an earlier date, one died, two had a long and
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at the age period of tetanus neonatorum, corner of the front steps. Of almost gen-
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following injuries or irritants that do not produce tetany in others. The
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found iodoform very irregular in its effects, and ob-
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wliatever the physician there chose to call the slight
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— — affects all things animate and inanimate 578, '579, 587, 589
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Digest of actions— State Committee of Public Health
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goes on each day, until the fourth or fifth day, when, if the urine con-
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condition. H relief be not speedily given, and she be allowed to sink any
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the mucous membrane and bring about a desire for evacuation. A
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Moreover, the advantage of the treatment in this case
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arteriosclerotic condition, mistaken for chronic nephritis, while -in conditions
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accompanied by pain, as from a bruise under the collar-bones, and pain
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nent and trustworthy writers, and in support of such assertions,
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at the superficial part of the chorion. The reagents which favor the study of
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the light on his book in the natural way, and this,
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washed with a one-per-oent. solution of carbolic acid, and the
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the machinery which is brought into operation under such circumstances
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rhage. One of the hardest tasks of the anesthetist is to