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filling up his air-passages, you should have recourse to ammonia,'
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The door of this room, opposite the window, was so far from
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vital action, manifested in a certain kind of growth, increased,
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body, and there was a marked hypertrophy of the inferior
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The resolutions of the Committee on Medical Education, were
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Duration. — The longevity of the individual parasite is not established
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the exciting cause, in proper cases, — those ready, as it were,
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as often as complied with ; the first being defective because it
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vitality, are the least sensibly injured. Such are the tendons and
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terms or conditions which permit exploitation of the
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poets were clear-sighted in discerning the credulity of
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Oedema, etc. — Pelvic oedema was seen in one case (1769). Another
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w'th lack of healing power is the distinguishing characteristic of simple
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advised to take a "light " diet, under which ambiguous term
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17. Essentials of Diagnosis. By S. Solis-Cohen, M. D., and A. A. Eshner, M. D.
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knew long ago that our honored Holmes became a greater
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with neurologists and ophthalmologists to suspect posterior
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glands were not only enlarged, but of a dark purple colour, and in some places black
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of common decency, have an educational institution and a
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k, P.M., and accessible iu urgent cases at any hour of tho
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of the community to compensate physicians for services rendered the
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81. — Rouitisel (T.) Sur la diminution do I'accroissement
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tion against mania potatoria and delirium tremens, which, as well as phthisis,
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the representations of the strong and the beautiful ; but