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have been reached as the result of the failure of meas*
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2. Dr. Ure's Diamond Cement. Isinglass 1 oz., distilled
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may not choose to prepare for himself. In forty cases which have
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the evening of July 29th for the purpose of discussing
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after slight or severe accidents have developed a coolness and benefited from
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Typboid fever and infected milk. Brit. M. J., Loud.,
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tion of the spine. Canad. M.A.J., 32:263-269, (Mar.) 1935.
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be drawn out by this means. Sometimes it is necessary to
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the eighth month of pregnancy. - Examination of the urine revealed a
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pression is more grateful, so skilful — as to number ten or twelve
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>nly follows an attack of meiisles. In a few cases
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the [s] which is meant to represent the cafe supplied by B. B. sup-
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more important operations were done by Dr. Warren under
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The period of incubation is generally given as from 5 to
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first through the eye fixed near the upper end of the horizontal bar, then
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over nose, cheeks, chin, and ears; nasal r(|ituni destroyed ;
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cardiac and pulmonary conditions recurred at intervals with
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the colon. She had traveled a distance of 400 miles by rail
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(Fig. i) showed that both tibia and fibula were affected, though the
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plexion was brilliantly clear, and her blue eyes had a deeply-
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by Dr. James H. Hibberd. We believe both Dr. H. and the pro-
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heart is projected upon the thoracic wall, uninfluenced, as in perpendicular percus-
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stomach, since these milder cases diflFer only in degree from the
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it that way. They"re practising while the pastor's preaching.
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and Salem 1 each. From measles Chicago '.i, New York 7, I'hil-
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also the absence of any chronic infective diseases as syphilis and tubercle.
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Third: The committee thinks it would be wise to sponsor some postgradu-
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to sit up too soon. Profuse sweating must be restrained by frictions with dry
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voidably so. Yet the sick did not want for luxuries ; and by the
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Dr. McGraw, of Detroit, observed that gall stones may be mistaken for
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been inserted upon Landry's paralysis, caisson disease, com-
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(though no new fact), seemed to preclude us from localising
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subject, that I present this paper, and offer the deduc-
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Project Title: Does Surgical Success in Children with Heart Disease
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but otherwise it was nearly in a normal state. There were some six or eight