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ness of extremities and surface, etc., give arnica internally in
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never be combined with chalk or lime-water, as they are in-
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lessening the irritability of the parts. It is a good accompaniment
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nervation and the circulation. In spasmodic asthma it is re-
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The physician should give earnest and careful attention to
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tion of patient and physician to the wrong. It may be pain, or
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and Treatment," in the Medical Department of the University
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"Stramonium may be given in acute disease, when the patient
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municipal body ; that, to be successful, such an enterprise must
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tonic. In very large and in frequently repeated doses it some-
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mittent and remittent fevers, scarlet fever, dysentery, diarrhea,
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chistes de actos
find another remedy that will relieve spasm and arterial tension
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Cascara amarga is alterative, tonic, diuretic and antiseptic.
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ment in the strength and character of the organ, and a corre-