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that the Council recommend that Plymouth be appointed the place of
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1S65 and 1866 call for no special remark. The causes at work were
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lent the utmost of my feeble power and a large portion of my time
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Students who are not Registered Pupils are also admitted to answer
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Committee to labour for that end, and they were bound to insist upon
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the lake, this establishment forms a prominent object; and its long
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dering aid. With regard to complaints which may be made as to the
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slightly flattened", it is a pity, when the whole truth is so simple and
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would beg to invite your attention to a paper written by Dr. Ransome
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forget the chill. It e.xcited the system, and gave a pleasing effect for a
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dysmenorrhcea. Before that time, menstruation had been normal.
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mented upon several of the instniments shown by Dr. Keiller, and ex-
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purposes ; the apathy with which, but too frequently, other instruction
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of time for which he was bound. If the Candidate have been an Ap-
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or at the office of the Journal, when forms of application and the
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extending about 400 miles from east to west, from Tunis to Morocco,
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wh'-ther the new Government would not do well, as soon as the acute disease of
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viz., a sensation as of pins and needles. The day afterwards, she felt tliat
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ables, milk, butter, and eggs, means : it means scurvy, typhoid, and
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Duplessy, Medecin en Chef des Hopitaux de Sedan, which placed us in
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not present himself for re-examination until after the expiration of one
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the well-qualified ladies. But, although the general hygienic condition of
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to accept such a statement as a certified cause of death ? We think,
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these records. A main element of strength lies in local scientific
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lege Scholarships given yearly to Matriculated Students — One ol £i,o
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Wilks, Dr. Moxon, and Dr. Crisp, as to whether the innominate was
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appear to be coming to the birth; and, secondly, the subjects referred to
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Natural Sciences will be delivered in Trinity and St. John's Colleges,
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instance, that a ligature were applied, not very tightly, round the