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comes possessed of 4 horse teeth in the middle, with their
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example, in addition to those which I glanced at in a former lec-
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the reverence felt for the representative of the great
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there can be no doubt, a plant of definite and consider-
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tacks. One should not operate in the acute condition,
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ents, and the utmost regularity in the use of a uniformly s^imple
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is, therefore, always advisable to study the site of an obstruction still
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In response to questions, it was reported (1) that the suit
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centres for rotation of the head. The pathogeny, he thought, was
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death, and heat life and health ; if each disease could be cured by
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bly well respecting the comparative effects of different pre-
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the di.sease had advanced to cxten.sive hepatisation, with
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In addition. Dr. Landor at all times was most indefatigable in
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selected life. But there must be rules of law to apply to cases
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gave nephrolithotomy to the world, and Hahn gave nephropexy, both opera-
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see Mr. W., and found him suffering from a similar attack. He ccmsid-
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Harvey: "Not a man over 45 years of age ever believed or adopted the
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'' The avoidance of the greater pain is the determin-
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much clinical use. The parasitic idea of the etiology
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considerable, it may be detected. The treatment does not differ
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Dr. Hawley felt that he had not been properly vindicated. He therefore moved,
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structures. The terminal, or deep, glands of the neck
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And now, to better understand this question of the rela-
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Dr. Charles S. Bull, of New York, reports Two Cases of Ophthal-
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the patient, which separates the clavicle from the first rib. The
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the back of the head, eta Their complaints remind us most strikingly
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that they are graduates in r^ular medidne from recog-
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should always view the membranes while examining them,
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sympathetic ophthalmia are the two ophthamologists, of this number. Cheat-
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paratively unimportant details and speculative theories they have confined
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— The current from eighteen cells was applied for ten
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the rule which has just been stated, for the ])rimary
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approximately 4,000 per year. From such a statistical study one
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■ i--. nl,,(inn!l|nr.l\ n|- ! 1 H 'U 111 "' | .rnint 1 1 nr,l -^ ,
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Clinical History Pathological Character Causation Diagnosis Prognosis
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tenor of the whole article, it is easy to see that Mr. Ber-
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the result of paresis of a portion of bowel caused by overdistentitm Ux a long
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