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a pale pink to a deep purple. Gummy tumors are not infrequently found

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cians as to whether the disease, rabies or lyssa, as it is sometimes called,

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wound, or a granulating sore, it is of great advantage in many cases.

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who die of chronic disease ; it will he more or less aclliereiiL U) Ihe Ciirdiac

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hiccough, subsultus tendinum, cold perspiration, a flickering pulse, deeply

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their origin in the bladder or vagina; in the "^^ "^(j"

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femur. It may be brought about, more or less, by partial dislocation, or

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vails, and by way of distinction would call it German measles, or ejndemic

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it is often double, and terminates in gangrene in a number of cases.

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ure, and therefore it should not be included in the list of its direct causes.

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The means to be employed for the relief of these eonditi<ms when not

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±.XtenSlVe capillary stagnation with great numbers, ne pigmentation in this case

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man we know has been thoroughly proved will be mentioned.

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bers in the pus discharged from the urethra. The germs inhabit the

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always a period in which there is no fever. A careful thermometrical ob-

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gated by fomites alone," although most authorities claim that it can be

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Repeated attacks of eczema may cause enlargement of the lymphatic

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the stomach," and the sudden arrest of the digestive process after hearty

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times daily in a glass of water and increased one drop at each dose until

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eases it is contracted only after prolonged exposure. Susceptibility to this

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lent adjuvants to the oil, but cannot take its place. When intestinal

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cases, the symptoms are probably due to the existence of more than one

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Enlarged veins and glands (axilla, neck, etc.) accompany cancer ; they are

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The friction murmurs of pericarditis may be distinguished from endocar-

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the organ to the adjacent parts, especially to the diaphragm. In syphilitic

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marked, or existing solely, on the cheek corresponding to the affected side ; others as on the opposite

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1796 he made his first vaccination on man. In 1798 he published his first

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neck, and on the right side at the sternal end of the clavicle ; while aneu-

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2. The channels by which it reaches the pulmonary tissue.

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same time taking care to sustain the patient. The principal means which

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attack. Cholera morbus rarely continues longer than twelve or eighteen

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line drawn from the anterior superior spine of the ilium to the most

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time dispel the oedema. It has come to be a rule to incase the chest in

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valvular lesions in the left heart, or when disease of the lungs, as emphyse-

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three sudden deaths (uraemia, apoplexy, and croupous laryngitis). The aortic

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ishing. Commercial beef tea is usually of not much value. Fruit

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sinus or a series of sinuses which never become obliterated, although they

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and indurated. The specific cocci of the disease are found most abundantly

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the external abdominal ring is compressed, the hydrocele will not dis-

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other times there will be but few tubercles and but little granulation

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simple or eccentric, the heart will assume a more than usual pyriform

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tion removed by the absorbents. It is peculiar of tuberculosis that

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the tubercle bacillus in the urine. Eemoval of the lesions should effect

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