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entered Edinburgh University, and graduated in 1841 as M.D.

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existed among the Chinese two thousand years before Christ, it

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pitals, with a few pages on workhouse infirmaries, dispensaries, and relief

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influence ; when atropin acts but slightly, pilocarpin greatly exaggerates

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" 6. The isolation of those sick of infectious disorders should be enforced

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death from the severity of the septic manifestations, or

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delirium of cerebral anaemia, the.hypodermatic injection of morphia is

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In all injuries of the foot it is important to bestow extra care and

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These medicaments will, while fulfilling their indications,

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peritoneal infection do not occur. There are no characteristic

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with blood; wheezing; dryness of the mouth and lips; hot, dry skin, or

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schri/t, 1892, No. 29, p. 713) has reported the case of a