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ing or removing the causes of others which are incidental, but not necessary to
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been observed, which compares very favorably with the normal
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perfect precision, and if required to adapt itself to changes of posi-
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due to the impaction of an O'Dwyer tube; at the autopsy the greater
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Examination showed a temperature of 101° to 103° F., rising to 105.5° F.
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allowed for the execution of his labours, and the pressure of private
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edge in the underlying sciences for the furthering of the work of
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tion of toxins from a dental source. Case V represents a class in
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of the female, and is entirely dependent upon an excited action of the capillaries
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our conjecture be correct, the bandage will form a cross, not on the spine of the
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and jalap administered with directions to apply cold to the head if heat fol-
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acidity of 40, free hydrochloric acid is absent. There is an absence of
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of the complaint from one month to three years. Of the twenty cases, seven
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after thyroidectomy, might it not be due to the unintentional
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afternoon at 2 o'clock. "The muscular fibres of the heart were
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ature rose from 105.8° to 107.2°. This patient also recovered.
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more, we have the fact that monkeys may be infected by feeding,
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Rabbit 26. Weight 1280 grams. Sensitizing doses February 25, 27, and
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■ ^— ^— >^^— ■ I M ^— ^— ^— ^— ■ ^— ^— ^^— ■ ■ -- I ^— ^— ■ ■ - ■— ^— — — ^— ■ I ^— ■ ■ I ■ ■■■ ■ I __■ 1^^— — ^— ^^^_ ^^_ .. - I I ■— —
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the paretic's own serum, withdrawn one hour after the intravenous injection of
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invariably, to investigate the morbid condition of the individual organs by which
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scription, for the blood, either fluid or coagulated, is collected chiefly in the mi-
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first the skin w r as livid and then became red brown. In the beginning
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This Association has for its object the advancement of scientific
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in several ways. The conduction of the stimulus of the heart-beat
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the symptoms of an inflammatory reaction. We cannot deny, that in other in-
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that he despaired of ever being cured. In June last, Mr. Chase applied his truss,
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The author next passes to a consideration of metritis. The acute form
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Art. X. — Obstetric Cases. By William Zollickoffer, M.D., Fellow of
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a certain motion of the entire cartilage of the nostril is observed, which is pro-
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state of the tooth and gum; and this fact is illu.strative of a most important prin-
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He seems to have succeeded in establishing sev^eral points connected with the
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face cauterized with it. The cauterization ought to be deep, and form a
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symptom tabulated in that column. The totals of the vertical
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Abdomen. — There was a large quantity of serum in the sac of the peri-
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southern coast, exhibit a less range of the thermometer; and in accordance