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must not forget that these wounds are often complicated by

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Lesions of the nerves of the neck present no particular

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1841), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 13, 1819. The

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two years, 1899-1901, and in the latter year he engaged in the pri-

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the management of an editorial board, and bearing the name of

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opportunity thus offered it to aid Dr. Carmichael in yet again

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stands before his Maker as an honest man with no mask upon his face

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Edinburgh a few days before his death, which took place

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sufficient basis a pathological hypothesis may be constructed.

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by far the larger portion of the work. The diseases that resem-

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derers may hardly enjoy the privilege of good society, unless,

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the New York Hospital. He was president of the American Orthope-

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the following phenomena ensue : in two minutes muscular

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been held a sufficient clinical test, when brought face to face

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Regular habits and the laws of hygiene are more neglected

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Gynecological Society, American Congress of Phj-sicians

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separately would occupy too much of the valuable time of this

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the first New York Orthopaedic Society, and was one of the founders

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contributions to professional journals and periodicals. He was mar-

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console him. He nurses his symptoms, and dwells upon his

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After leaving Cohoes he took post-graduate work at the New York

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will leave it unfinished ; she is greatly worried with calls to void

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111., but at the outbreak of hostilities joined at once the

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trachea, and may be expelled by cough or through the

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After the third day, the patient may pass her urine without

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[Read before the Worcester -County Homoeopathic Medical Society^

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consistency. The liver somewhat enlarged, but perfectly friable

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The sac of an organized aneurysm is either on the side of

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white and ash-gray spots ; an eruption appeared on the skin ;

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leading medical organizations of European countries; and he has

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assistant at the Koenigliche Klinik of the Charite Hospital, Berlin.

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1885.] Necrosis of Segment of Vertebra. — Recovery. 121