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nucleus, which is close to the hypoglossal, or to the motor supply of
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with lupus of the vulva ; and (3) with syphilitic affec-
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WERNICKE. Fortschritte d. Med. 1884, Bd. i 47. WILLIAMS. Bristol Med.-Chir.
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adhesions can be broken down or tied off, as may seem re-
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nerve-stretching in general, or to talk enthusiastically for or against
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tion due to the absorption of degenerative products from the burnt
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would prove a rapid and lasting cure. The same conditions apply, as Dr.
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Among the more common adverse events in the domestic placebo-controlled
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a frightful ordeal, however matter-of-fact it may have
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train oil 12 oz., oil of turpentine 4 oz. ; mix. — White.
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to humanity. John Howard had the honour of directing the
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"These are, briefly, the facts without comment. They
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graduallj ; this is probably because the irritated nerves of the gall-
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course to nine months, so that her two terms corre-
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terial within the vesicles of the thyreoid in tiie form of tlie
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been believing yourself ill when you were really not
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causes that prevent these membranes from recuperating. Many
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naturally came up for conversation. They seemed to regard the case
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extraordinary as the past winter has been, these effects, we fear, will be
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Introduction. — It has been pointed out from time to
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4. V,L. Ilyd. Chloral, gr. 31 ; Aq. dest. 5V. ; Syr. Aurant., Mucil.
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Dr. A. M. Vance : Dr. Cartledge's remarks and the statements
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5. Sturm JT, Billiar TR, Dorsey JS, et al: Risk factors for survival following
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In Hartford it has existed to a greater or less degree during the year,
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Transformation of comedones or aene punctata into acne vul-
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be described later under the head of Seborrhoea of the Smooth Parts.
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.Appearance of Tongue in Comendive Fever. — The tongue throughout
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symptoms in the mother, and dilatation of the pupil
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my attention, I must admit, has never j)articularly been drawn. They
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for 1902 shows an enormous number of prisoners. Changes
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within an inch of the knee joint, or (3) above the trochan-