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poor devil, having survived this formidable operation, received
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man aged 62. He exhibited pain, tympanitifl, constipation, etc.
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Those animals which live upon highly nutritious food
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glycerin caused the pulse to become larger and more pointed, while
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called nervous prostration, although the physical condition
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hoped for from the use of electricity for the relief of pain
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E.vperiment. — The sera of two immunized dogs and three normal controls
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sclera, iris, and ciliary body, including ophthalmomalacia and
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of ligation on the distal side of the sac, known respec-
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superseded in this country by the apparatus of Fox. This consists
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During that time, he was on the staffs of the Johns-
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the wakening or the sleeping state is produced by these circulatory
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dialysis in diabetics with end-stage renal disease. N Engl J Med 1982; 306:625-630
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should have no difficulty in looking upon the muscle-spindles
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of the brain. Its effects will show themselves, consequently, without essential modification,
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are just the cases which sometimes cause patients to think
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somewhat dilated, and there was an aneurismal dilatation of the aorta opposite the
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may entirely disappear and the palatal arch become adherent to the
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and passinir along the infra-orbital process of the maxillary bone
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print. — Iiopez (G.) La locura paliidica. An. Acad, di^
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L. Sutton, from special duty, Baltimore, Md.; J. S. Woodward and
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of the American Dermatological Association reports the con-
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record as an observer and investigator, and generally
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taken into account, and was considered of sufficient importance to modify
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