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After the first four days, the upper extremities are included in the

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mitted, but practically we allow both dark and light meat, and avoid

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at 3-day intervals, determined by the amount of local reaction. Cases

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antipyrine, salipyrin). The extremities should be raised, supported, and

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fering from pneumonia, on admission to the hospital, a small dose, 0.5 to

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in producing angesthesla, being, in my experience, from 30 to 150

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liim facile princeps ; in surgery he was a mere ingenious theorist ;

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years ; the former mild, and recovery rapid ; the latter as severely

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the expiration of that time the entire contents of each tube was

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only every third day, till finally it may be given every day if the patient

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administered to all of the animals in the series. The culture

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(NH4)2S04. Enough of this salt was then added to make the solution 1% saturated.

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tutional disease {e.g., typhoid), and those arising from abnormally great

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Bruce, D. B., Hamerton, \. E., Bateman, H. R., and M vckie, F. P. 1910. "Trypa-

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corresponds to that of chronic parenchymatous Bright 's disease, from