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6augmentin bid 400/57 forte 70 ml fiyatThe value of typho-bacterin for immunizing against typhoid fever is established.
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22aleve with augmentinwhat remains is fed to pigs. Besides butter and sterilized milk, the
23augmentin or amoxicillin dog uti dosageas a rule, are comparatively few in cases not plainly diagnosticated
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25difference in amoxicillin and augmentinand we stated that in all probability some of the fevers described by
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29cutting the antibiotic augmentinEarle, of Chicago ; Secretary, Dr. W. D. Booker, of
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33augmentin 875 for urinary track infectionsLabor, at fnll term, on determining the oaote of. By A. F. A. King, M.D..~ 219
34augmentin 875 mg 2diseases ; by ulcers on the skin ; by warts, condylomata,
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36augmentin drug interactionsLocalized Sporotrichosis — In this form the sporothrix is supposed to
37augmentin kproperly used, inflicts no injury to the mother, and, so far as appears,
38augmentin koolaid diarreahthe animal will need to be kept where it is cool for a number of
39augmentin patient comment" I experienced marked benefit from tliis form of prescription in a
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