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slightly bile-tinged serous fluid was drawn out. The

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peatedly washing the pelvis of the kidney with some antiseptic

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and acute cases, where the constitution is undermined before disintegration of the

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Meyer's history of chemistry, Van Helmont has a much

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been described by Friedreich and Zahn. The chemical

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2. It is separated from the blood in its passage through the liver, enters

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To aid conductors, superintendents, and teachers in classifying the

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placed in the First or Second Class in the School of Natural

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conditions of existence. These are the venom of serpents, the sting

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periments upon excision of the cortical substance of the brain ; and recently by

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One case of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis was discovered 15

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alkali this precipitate will again be dissolved. The filtrate is feebly

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arrest in his house. The wounds were several inches in

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ing on the whole being one of the most successful in the

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tive medicine, as ol. ricini, and ol. terebinthinse ; or ol.

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and recognizable, when the clinical history and blood

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from several series of shorter formulae, he arranged them as suited him

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Tellow fever associated with remittent fever claims the employment of

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Remarkable Influence of the Lightning Stroke. — It is known that upon

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of the spread of septic infection. In one remarkable case,