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Comparison was also made between the results obtained

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the cervical fibroid was an interstitial tumour of the anterior wall ;

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which I treat ; but were I a contract surgeon I should take

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majority (2.5 per cent.) were upon anaesthetised animals

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transfusion or intravenous drug use; and passage from

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to (pu'slioiiH, that tiicrc was some abnormity of menstruation,

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ent organs. At the same time it is the sustainer of the organic

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ones. There is usually impairment of both sensation and motion in

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training and education ; that plants and animals look,

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considerable genius to hold the first blade at such a level that the blades may be

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Medical Society would cost over fifty doUai-s, and as there were no

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_ The ceecum of man presents so remarkable a deviation from

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HUtlior <>f a Itriof hiHtory of tlio inodioal di'itartineiit.

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this city, and was ever ready to contribute his full share to their ad-

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Applicants must be graduates of reputable medical colleges.

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When the onset is acute, there may be some definite history of chill

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pin-prick can be made easier by comparing different parts of the body.

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the whole system, or of the bladder in particular. The next

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heated specific hemolytic serum and fresh alexin (complement). Bordet

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while these, in order to dry them, were exposed for another twenty-five minutes at 60° C. plus

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and in ten, in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Her-

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against the people chiefly for military levies, and

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States and Canada. The assembly dinner will be held

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Hippocrates formed a transition between a period of

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sensitive, he would put the patient in the prone posture and

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brought upon Apostoli's method by those whose experience

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the heart and coincident with its first sound in the bloodless state

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was incised, but there had been no subsequent treatment directed

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difficulty in sitting up in bed. These are the main points. There

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latent period ; and it was found to lurk in the walls of

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heat and cold, from moist and dry, from bodily and mental

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= 4fin three (3-75 per cent) cases; V. = j^jl. i^ five