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antiphlogistic regime nearly rivalled the practice of the immor-

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to admission, pain in the back began, shooting round into the groins,

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brighten the mind in greater or less degree, and aftewards torpify and

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few months, rarely exceeding twelve or eighteen months. The mean

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f^tal h^ r"™ "^ ^"I"'-. describing the first position of the

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such a development as to constitute a distinct gumnia, A similar process

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to be genuine and pure, prepared in the best manner, and clear of any deleterious or

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begins early, in the secondary incubation stage or during the period of second-

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Dog 2. Weight, 6.9 kg. Anesthetized with chloretone April 28, 1911.

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fevers are to aid Nature's own processes by securing

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rectal conditions are amenable to ambulant methods of treatment. The work concludes with a compre-

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we got comparatively few of a certain class. Now, for example,

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accidentally turned loose in the trachea. This was quickly removed from left

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with thiazide diuretics: Alcohol, barbiturates, or narcotics — may potentiate orthostatic

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ordinary face case during labour, has been observed before labour

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to make the next meeting as interesting and profitable as any

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are advised to furnisn themselves with text books j — Old School works, as well as Reform

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As soon as she brings forth her litter the colony has begun. But the

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Perhaps this will be my last letter from the West. I expect to go

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others had suggested it. I have above referred to the op-

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has replaced the removed growth. The growths are sometimes spontaneously

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The general consequences of rickets are that the bones thicken (a change

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ture; twenty-eight successive cases in private practice,

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downwards to the extent of about ^ in. and its surface is

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this belief. Even some of my acute cases have been very obstinate,

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sensory neurons, which are in relation to the diaphragm, lie in the spinal

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even smaller than the true status. Chorea may be the sole

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