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becomes distended with serum and cells. As the effusion increases the

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one-half to one drachm every hour. The amount to be given must be de-

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and congested mucous membrane. At this early stage the exudation can

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tioned which occurred in Bellevue Hospital. A patient was brought into the hospital directly from a

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In general, cysts should be treated on the same principle as tumors.

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the necessity of prompt and careful attention in order to avert its fatal ten-

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stained. Active physical exertion increases the dyspnoea and causes cardiac

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quiet stomach, slight and late jaundice, a moderate degree of fever, and

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more, a long continued irritation and inflammation may even operate

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cence, die suddenly ; death under such circumstances may be the result of

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physician is to relieve pain, and morphia is our most reliable remedy for

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nosis is necessarily unfavorable, but the fact that infarctions exist will cause

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lial cells is often seen between the coagulum and the vessel wall. In recent

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profound that nothing arouses the patient ; at other times he is easily

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6. Tumors or Other Abnormalities Outside of the Bowel, such as mal-

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is said that the granulation-tissue cells may form distinct masses some-

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border. The arm is apparently lengthened. This dislocation upward

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pyogenic gauirrene is cstahlisheil, while in another a neopliu^ni is developed,

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rupture of the aneurysm would be serious. The diet should he simple

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or rheumatic diathesis, colchicum must be given in connection with alkalies.

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longed there is a slight rise in the temperature. Syncope is common dur-

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ence, a condition called " melaena." The only pTiysical sign of gastric

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tricle. When it is a continuation of endo- or pericarditis the new tissue

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case of necrosis, it is thick and purulent. In case of necrosis,

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Diflferential Diagnosis. — The murmur of pulmonary regurgitation may be

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of their elevation alone. But recent investigations show that the absence

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spleen, or kidneys, chronic laryngeal catarrh, and bronchitis.

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The mesentery and omentum are also studded with granules. The adhe-

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that they may be regarded as distinct diseases. They have a common

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fever. Abscesses from acute local myocarditis are small ; they may burst ex-

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anatomical characteristics that have led to its subdivision into spUnization,

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