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disorder, is often at once significant of the affection under consideration;

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affections are next to be considered. The more important of these are

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cutaneous nerve which he considers to be the ramus ophthalmi-

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butable to a deficient supply to the brain of fully oxygenated blood, in

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notable disturbance. The system sometimes tolerates the accumulation

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ease, is to be modified by the coexistence of the latter. Active measures^

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life be sufficiently prolonged, and death follows a gradual decline with

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Fig. 8 Reconstruction from four of the sections (sections 182 to 185) in-

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certain proportion of the cases regarded as cases of scirrhus, the affection

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bodies and of the large processes from the perikaryon.

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the vaso-motor nerves. Without entering into a discussion of this patho-

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and upon reaching the outer surface of the mandible, breaks up

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peutical measures which exert a specific influence over the disease, the

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belly of the digastric and the stylohyoid muscles (figs. 11, 12, and

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classification of the cranial nerves in which the nervus terminalis

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maj' or ma}" not occur. Death takes place usually within five days.

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in different countries, reduced to one standard, the Fxeuch gramme^

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notation and nomenclature have also been introduced

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gently forward (taking care not to extend the skin farther than

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experiments." This statement clearly involves the assiunption

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sented by an unshaded area continuing the course of the nerve.

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gh ii^rise to nephritic colic are not of recent formation, and he coM.-

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thicker, the lateral parts of the outer heads. In the adult

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affection is to recovery. It may be said of this affection, as of others

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alic root were descending rather than ascending, and that the

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the tissues are infiltrated by the morbid matter, and that, when ulceration