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Special caution is given not to touch the cornea with anything
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loin jnst below the ribs with, the thumb and fingers of the
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one knee over the other — he could flex and extend the knees
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Topeka, recording secretary; Dr. James W. May, Kansas City,
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matter what the motive that prompts the suggestion.
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that the induction of premature labor in such cases will
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ously lowered by either septic infection, prolonged labor,
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car, give it an almost pathognomonic appearance, so
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ments at the hands of specially trained medical men is
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warm water to moisten the gauze, and continuing the
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order to convince the parent that pus was present, I
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presented itself regardless of whether symptoms were
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partly filled with broken-down tumor tissue. The tumor wall sur-
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manipulate them, found it necessary to make the oper-
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Litten* was the first to report a primary sarcoma of
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the stomach. Material lying freely in the cavity of the
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3 oz., heated together, and then a dram each of carbolic acid
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the voice after use. At first the patient can speak clearly
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tainly objectionable, such as collusion with manufacturers and
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virulence of those of true plague. In this we have a
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infinite variety of size and shape, seven thousand of
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sight, touch, hearing, smelling or tasting, and also that
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of science, available to all, would have plainly indicated
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two years standing. The patient was formerly employed as a
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or carts in a bracing and pure climate, where the best
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positive cases over the negative is found to lie in the
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ment, the civilization of a people may be infallibly de-
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that if the fragments have been in apposition for twenty-
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The organization of the whole profession we have so briefly out-
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been voided. Urination seemed to be normal, although possibly
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creased patronage of our medical schools from the far
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expert accountants, and certified to as all correct in every
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bations with a tendency to vary from day to day, the
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of the organ or allow the penetration of the bacterium ooli
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officers were elected: Dr. George W. Harrison, Albuquerque,
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Operation: (Operator, Dr. Stokes.) 'A median abdominal
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the plaster dressings and rest were used in a sprain of
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and gouge, and it was then discovered that the whole mastoid
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utive Committee, at the Hotel Ryan, during tiie afternoon
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give evidence of their existence, it is either because, mechanic-
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pared to the method which I have advised. Compression
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sity for the action that is urged. The report is con-
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patients die (Hambur]gher)i The treatment is largely
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India : Bombay, March 12-19. 1,203 deaths : Calcutta. Marcb S-