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expansion of the whole calibre of the vessel, and will possibly

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toms of varying severity, according to the virulence

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1941. Kennedy, Patrick J., 32 Hampden Rd., Upper Darby, Pa.

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Aneethesia generally causes relaxation of Organic paralytic contractions ue

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benefit from systematic stationary and transverse galvanization of the

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symptom, though more frequently they occur in the later stages of the

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QuAnr, Dr., on diseases of the muscular walls of the heart ••• 80

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ject of this account lived and worked as a girl, but

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examination of the peritoneal and pulmonary tubercles showed

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eration and destruction of the ganglion cells are always present.

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permanent benefit. On the 29th November, 1800, she was

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*Truax, J. G., 17 E. 127th St., New York, New York Co.

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of the disease statistics among the inoculated and the uninoculated is

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obstetrics, the requirement from all candidates for the Doctor's degree of

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mazzini. Camper, Huzard, Mercet, &c. A committee of the Belgian

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units three times a week.®® Response has been cor-

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ROCKWELL: ELBGTRIOITY IN I'Hh'l I'll KL'A 1. \ Eli VI-: LESIONS. fN. Y. Mici.. .Iolic,

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cal Corps of the United States Navy for the two weeks ending

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doses of digitalis which were comparatively trivial. What doses did Dr. Cook

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Poisonous roots, says Dr. Eusby, are likely to be eaten

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metabolism is present. Salant and Kahn 47 in 1913 showed that the

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attending to antrum and right eye. Operative treatment only

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rectum with an injection of water, soap, and castor oil,

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