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blood now and then occur, and, in the transformations which ensue, ap-

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falters, and his patient suffers the result. No. 8 —

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erythemas of certain portions of the skin surface exposed to the sun with

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hence we must be cautious in prognosis as regards vision.

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lent appearance, and is more distinct than at the last examina-

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was present cystic right ovary, endometritis, painful menstruation and

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Cignozzi, O.: Policlin. (Sez. C'hir.), February 15, 1923.

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stomach, followed by almost immediate vomiting. ". . . the

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be well compared with the healing by first intention in

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thickened and converted into a low variety of connoctiva

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practical, and while he shows no bias in favour of one anresthetic over

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Influenza broke out on the training-ship "Bretagne," lying in the

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At 10 A. M. with the assistance of Dr. Riley, the appropriate

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but it was decided to give the boy a chance for his leg, and amputate later if

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believes that its utility in the treatment of puerperal albuminaria is more

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parts. This was the complete edition, published also at Cologne by

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rhagic effusions ; these vary in extent from slight ecchymoses

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would give place to displacements, prolapse, &c. There

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Von Biste records the case of a youth, set. 20, who was stabbed in the

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First among these forms is that resulting from inoculation with some

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epilepsy, the vascular spasm is a rule for all forms and phases of at-

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ter, or evacuating-tube, having a length of five inches or

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tion of whose blood will give a corpuscle count and

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animal manifests signs of rage, distress, or even anxiety." According

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contemporary, the Medical Herald, for those doctors who

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cough, which she said attacked her after exposure to cold. She had consulted

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shocks, but do not cease contracting in a myasthenic way. There are

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must act, he must combine with his fellow-sufferers and

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the parts were now washed out by syringing with dilute carbolic

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Japanese made the attempt by providing clean cloth-

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under the strictest antisepsis as to patient, instruments, and operators.

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must be directed to promoting the absorption of the

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R. McBrlde, to proceed to Washington, D. C, and report to the