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Ilomann has shown it to prevail at Christiansund, in 62^ north
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described in this place, although pathologically it is remote from meningitis.
in the former situation is of comparatively rare occurrence, and attended with
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influenza, are other affections in connection with which this disease has
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ial Diseases, in which his article appeared. AV^ith regard
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specimen of urine from a yellow-fever case. Dr. Bliss has
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Case V.— Dujon* during the current year reported a case of
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Agricultural College sales, proceeds of material after being used
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internal injuries, never allow the patient to get up and go about very soon.
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muscles of deglutition remained paralyzed completely for six days, and
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Nothnagel gives the following points of differential diag
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malarious region, naturally, the spleen is usually somewhat enlarged,
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tion of the rotation the nega/tive after-vertigo set in. The subject now
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recognized fact, namely, that in the absence of complications the prognosis
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alleviation. This alone will oftentimes bring about the most
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might be obtained from at least a proportion of the cases in
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above, for several reasons. One is, it cannot be moved about with the same
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zinc lotion) were written by Mr. Thompson and transmitted
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attack of rheumatism, but more severe, so that he was
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it was slightly inflamed, and there gradually formed in it, and
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endeavours to destroy, counteract, or throw out what is noxious ; and
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European conferences, at least once as a delegate. In
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Its Treatment by Resection of the Middle Turbinated
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power. If, also, there be a presentation of the "anterior fontanelle^ ^ at
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" Resolved, 1st, That it be recommended to all the Colleges to extend
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Hillier and Low at Stowmarket, or may produce no symptoms
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by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, and not-
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Colon, removal of growth involving splenic flexure of, recovery
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mTiv 1 ?'^' ^^^e^"?,' «f Lewisham. He was educated at
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certainly the records of the asylum for the year show the recovery of some
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an ascertained, or postulated, specific and visible organism, that had
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carrying the lower point backward, made it impossible
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Proceedings of the District Medical Society for the County of Mercer,
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gen and its congeners can be made to promptly, safely,