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were continued for six days, with variable quantities of the tincture.

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some days or weeks by digestive derangement, languor, debility, but

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of segmental disease of the cord, whether primarily affecting its substance

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noon, in Canton, O., when he was suddenly expelled, the

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abscess in the cellular tissue. Under bimanual examination, any

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touching her body, spasms were again excited, though not violently as be-

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treatment of this disease has been written about by men who never had it. I

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related, but elsewhere, as in an epidemic seen by Dr. Fyffe in 1891.

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in the beginning, localized and later become general by metastasis after the manner

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once exposed a large peri-nephritic cavity filled with bloody fluid and pus.

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of Mind." In it he asserts the inadequacy of the in-

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