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next discovered a bottle containing 100 tabloids of
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I take the liberty of sending you a copy of the order, which does
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ciently severe to warrant operation should call for j^ause,
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Rothschild employs the so-called sternogoniometer for the measurement of the
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the MHrmal chemical and physical changes characteristic of life.
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cyanasis, arc coinniDii. DilVuse niles are heard, and in some of the eases
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pleasant and intelligent students who had put in a week's work in the
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of the nervous system, like some of the most powerful narcotic
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deteriorate under its use. The great majority of morphia addictees are
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in a few cases, to thirty-six hours ; and it is only during this stage that
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ns the specific cause of epidemic dysentery in Ja|)an, and Flexner in
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is a common remote sequel of measles in the adult, and miliary tuberculosis
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setts Ave., Boeton. Notices and other material for the editorial page*
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attendant; never forgetting that in strong solutions of
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The most frequently reported events, drug related or not. were nausea 15,2%) diarrhea (2 3%) voi
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apparently, starting from its habitat at the southward, began
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blatt. The current zoological references can be purchased in card form
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pattern. Many of the two thousand known enzymes can be
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antiseptic precautionary treatment, but in retention with hemorrhage after abor-
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solution of iron-alum in distilled water for one-half hour or over night, then wash
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only cause of intermittent fevers the noxious effluvia rising from
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to twenty-four hours' growth, upon a slide. Under the microscope the bacilli in the
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being then closed. When the pump contracts, this opens and blood
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number 1023. Upon analysis it was found to consist of —
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The larger the quantity of cheesy matter, the less the possibility of a
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uraemic symptoms, and the absence of poikilocytosis will serve
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of the uterus and vagina. Prolapse of the anterior wall of the vagina was the
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Assistant Physician to the Department for Nervoiis Diseases, Massa-
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Such is the course of treatment we have been in the habit of constantly
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tion, the pus re-accumulates slowly, is more serous,
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for the cultivation of amebas from water, hay, soil, etc., but for
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it is, as Unna thinks, a parasitic disease. Its treatment therefore
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falling. Every proper care had been taken by the defendant.
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Pathogenesis. — The theory of uraemia is based on the fact that in con-
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living to say, that there is not one among the younger members of our
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work in both hospitals ; thus, it was asserted, a sharing
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sion of terms which, the homoeopathists claims, have long ago
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relative to the meeting of the Congress previously appointed to be
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are believed to be curable. The patients thus discharged " drift," according
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shoulders, cry, jerk, and draw itself up, spasms soon following. We
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Dr. W. F. Hargrave, Kinston : We of Lenoir County are going
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passing the tip of the finger over the outlines of the letters and so read-