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positive. This was injected fifteen days ago. Note the blue

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ounces daily. The formula for the ointment is as fol-

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showed that in 100 the state of the sensibility was not mentioned ;

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procedure, i. e., by placing the finger in the mouth of the child

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talcing it several days in succession, complained of its

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be reckoned with are the character of the microorganisms to be de-

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(W.) Zur Frage iiber die Bedeutung des Periblastes in der

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first week. The quantity of nitrogen assimilated in-

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are cases where this is not so easily done, and for those

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eye was all but gone. Attributing this to cold, I, as I now believe, very impro-

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unduly slow, the red globules fall to the bottom, leaving the yellow

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reproach, obviously if this belief should be destroyed the self-

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few weeks by intermittent attacks of short duration.

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are not to lose too much of her valuable time. J.A.M.A.

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raise the characteristic forensic objection that I use the

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Some authors say that it relieves pain as well as induces sleep.

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the total recorded population has been considerably increased and that

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condition, and the sufferings of the patient, whether from mechanical

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to believe from the recorded experience of the profession

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(dark centre and light periphery of the lobules) are seen; and in fatty

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foetal brain at the fourth month, and in the reptiles, exists in

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in and knowledge of surgery. As early as 1829 he received the fol-

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name it the tali. Messrs. Gallois and Hardy have succeeded

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L. P. Pollman, the author of the paper has had occasion

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of these cases are not beriberi but rather the common cosmopolitan diseases of the

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servedly in favor of the external method in frontal

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CAUSATION. Primary or idiopathic bronchitis is supposed to be fre-

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serted. In passing down the Sound, I was much struck with the im-

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toxaemia was present, the examination of the urine failed to reveal either

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should more correctly be described under the locomotory

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Dr. Ferdinand Kornfeld of Vienna, Austria, has also employed

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operative treatment of pituitary tumours has been in the direction of

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by someone else as a compound called batyl alcohol.

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