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dulness is sometimes found increased ; possibly, however, the normal limit
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thereby enabling the Files Section to provide continuous weekday service from
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Such cases may occur at any period of the year, in those who have been subjected
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ing school whose course of instruction is fully and fairly equiv-
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constitution, perceived when he was 21 years of age, a tumour below the body
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under Henry VIII. About 1509 he was ordained to the priesthood,
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striking test of the amyloid deposits. The parts to be examined must
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resources of advanced intestinal surgery find their
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In taking the tracings care was exercised always to avoid alter-
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of the living are consumers only, while they produce nothing at all. Be-
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from the parietes ; no bleeding ; no purulent discharge. July 26th. — After the ope-
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In the issue of the same journal of June 28th appears
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produced by a long-continued scabies can be made to disappear in so
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monkey became excitable, after 11 days ata.xic, and on the 15th day it became
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Not long ago Dr. H. Jonts had a simihir case, but one of a
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Also a circular letter was sent to superintendents of va-
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they produce their effects, such as condensation and
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other methods of treatment were employed in o") the heart was affected. Dr.
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cutaneous lesion is symptomatic of a general disease. In these
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No obstetrical subject has given rise to more discussion than
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fluid, and this diluted solution of paraxanthin was used
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subject to the principles of ethics herein elaborated,
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Surgeon J. D. Macdonald, M.D., etc., serving in her Majesty's,
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day Dr. N. C. Thompson, his former physician from Indian-
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come so early with our allies was due to their army remember-
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The treatment of this case was unusually successful in relieving
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ing exercise, which are faulty to so slight an extent only that
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then tied to the foot of the bed, and by another sheet which goes from the
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3.000 limbs in daily use, and an increasing patronage, indicate
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forces ; that in fact life is at so high a pressure that food would burst the
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American Medical Association the following resolution
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into the rectum and gently pushing the membrane over
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ous substances. During the summer just past 3 members of
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found in horses whose genitals are habitually dirty ; or arising
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Dublin stops all fairs, sales of cattle, etc., in certain
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a loud sound close to the ear, causing fright. But re-