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Dr, Schachner, in the discussion of the second case, said that as a

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unsound, I prefer enucleation, because, in such cases,

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I come now to the most delicate and difficult part of

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initiative of Felix, the method of operating by incision

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of Morphine, or its equivalent of Opium (a grain and a half,) or Laudanum,

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published recently in a paper entitled "A Contribution to

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that Catherine of Arragon, one of the numerous wives of Henry VIIL

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Jackson, Francis Edward, L.S.A., Chertsey, of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

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dam, Netherlands, and received his medical education

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somewhat extensively practised. For this purpose the short tubes of

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lymphatic glands are always swollen. These are constant signs of

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the other hand, the value of segregation in countries where leprosy is

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danger of death if the operation is delayed until an

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including a member of USPHS and Dr. Lonnie Bristow,

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taking this periosteal elevator, I endeavor to peel off