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he had met other difficulties during life, but the strength was
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Leaves are [hotter and rounder ; the Flowers hereof
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because in so doing he is liable to lacerate the intestine or omen-
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as moft of all the ■ other hinds do. But Jomctimes
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albida five argent ea, Afh-coloredNobleLiver-wort,or
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roundifh come up, yet a little dented about
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vers fmall Fibres' adjoining : from this Root fprings
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er, the Leaves being of a paler green color, and the
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my position, so far as time allows, with the opinions and expe-
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jtrra&s to, and draws out all the Poyfon ; and this
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yellow ifh on the out fide , with a knob or bunch at the
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deaths reported as due to malarial and typhomalarial fevers,
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larger than in thofe aforegoing , and of a deeper yel-
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never or very feldom ufed in Phyfick, unlefs in out-
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hinders not (fays he ) the Verity of the thing. When
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Case III. Po6tc)])crati()n skiagram of postdiphtheritic bilateral osteoarthritis of hip-joint. On
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of perforation, abscess, or general peritonitis." " By the end of
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good impression after him. He never sought to disparage or
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Dr. Welch leaves two children, Prof. William H. Welch, of
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■EjpW, from the form of the Seed, which, as Diof-
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tion is due also to out-of-door life. Like the birds we live in the
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fome of them flowering more early, as the firft and
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do that which would give a man peace at the last. In all his
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luftris Tenui folia Lobelij , Cicuta Paluftris if Aqua-
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comes forth fmall and long Cods, with a crooked pant
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eaten, are faid to increafe Milk in Nurfes Breafts.
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Leaves, upon Foot-Jta/ks of a moderate length divi-
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The mortality in all thyrotoxic goitres is about 3.5 per cent. ; death
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ance. These rhythmical movements are performed continuously from
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and therefore is profitable for fuch as are fubjeft to
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first patient's joints were wrecked by the long-standing infection, and
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for Food, feldom any Bread Corn is eaten : They are
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nus calls it Elleborus niger SanicuU folio major. 5.
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TntHU. S 11 fo O O /O ic S- ^o tS Vc 1J~3S lo ¥c -fa
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Dr. Lucien Howe, whose interest and labors in behalf of the
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and then eaten as a boiled Sailer : Folia, Diofccridel
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black and round , as the Seeds of other Daffodils are.
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*- u Jf s °f white three Leav'd Flowers -, which being
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ber oj 'e , but longer and flendcrer than thofe of the
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with less danger and certainly more advantageous in the deeply ulcer-
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fails, whereby it renews ir fell; and grows with tfou-
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and thinner Leaves than the firft White, more white
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fore and running Eyes withal, for it admirably clears
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at the edges, having but a Jmall Jcent or fmell, and
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netrating, and fo is effectual to provoke Urine, and
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in a Mortar with a Tittle Spirit of Wine , in which
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