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not. In regard to caries, Mr. Colyer confesses "that, as yet,

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■' Revue gui. dc Clin, et do Thfr., 1890, iv., p. 521.

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GoNORRHCEAL RHEUMATISM. — Loeb is of Opinion that

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thrill and agitate her, and life acquires a new and deeper meaning. The

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cases of pellagra in 1914. These are enumerated in Table 14.

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lants were ordered, but without avail, as death took place in an hour.

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physical signs described ; rational symptoms ; paracentesis . . 611 — 613

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cause a complete hemi-anesthesia, and it is just those cases

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On the uterus were a number of ])edunculated tumours which under the

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a physician who had diagnosticated fever (0. A careful exam-

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problem of hyper- and hypotonic solutions. The latter

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a spirillum, long and slender, and of varying length (16 to 40 /x), pointed

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Univ. of Md. and Coll. of P. & S., Bait., 1912.

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elicits a dull sound, but only when the stroke is made on the side

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showed, always, an alkaline reaction. A milk showing an amphoteric