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great celebrity as a physician ; but this celebrity would have

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an essential part of the general operation. In one word, it is eminently

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furnished examples of squalid misery which were the disgrace

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election of Drs. Taylor and Smith to the office of Vice-

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of Medical Practitioners, Chemists and Druggists, and Pharmaceutical

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president and Dr. J. G. Kiernan secretary, and the latter

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to hospital since 1985, whereas much of the reported data

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conditions, bad harvests, absentee landlords and corrujjt

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vertical line upwards from this point, while the anterior border

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surely, if the powers of the system merit a concentra-

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rejected while he was thrown into convulsions. Under

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tions after exertion. He continued to work until two months ago, when, being-

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has no appetite, but troublesome thirst ; bowels regular ; pulse 96, natural ; heart's

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a strong man. Dr. Chevers mentions a case in which a man was convicted

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the State to wait until a young man has committed a capital

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lungs were clear without wheezing or stridor. The rest

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meat is digested the best, especially, from mature fat animals. It

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lect by preference the face, neck, abdomen, wrists, and

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Board. Residence within the district required. Applications to Mr. II.

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at or after the end of the fourth year may present himself in

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On April 11, 1903, I operatwl, with the assistance of Dr. Ceorge

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it ; and was so much aggravated by walking that the pa-

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excursions of not more than one degree. I do tery? I believe it was the latter. It came on

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G. What are distinct concepts ? Accurate concepts ? Dis-

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tions stained with carbol fuchsin, as above described,

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senting one of said medical societies to the number representing any

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purulent cerebrospinal meningitis not associated with

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irregular temperature between 101 and 103. The drainage was profuse and motion

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zinc. One of the poorest materials for use in operations