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ing of symptoms, which increase in severity. Simulation

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with a syringe every two houi's, or even oftener. If the patient is old

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soft, friable mass could be felt presenting at the internal os.

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effects of trusses, the amount of substance thus lost depends very

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use of antitoxin in severe cases of diphtheria or tetanus.

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icine will, it is hoped, shortly be able to supply it to medical men who

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citation status were, on average, five years younger than

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pecially after our author's assuring us that we have such authen-

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of course, many other points of view which it would have been inter-

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will it be for our patients, and for our own reputation as scientific

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below the angle of the jaw, and apparently cut the sym-

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where infected ticks may hide themselves in cracks in floors and walls,

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Another important muscle is the ' ' three headed muscle ' ' of

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The first recovered from the contents of the gastrointes-

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some or all of the preceding cases, are the following :

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cut edge, the middle one, GH, about \ in. long, commencing at the level of

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of the stomach warrants the statement that the best results are obtained

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for a child ; the elbow is better, in the absence of a thermo-

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The Handicapped Act. This new law represented the first

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salicylic acid, sulphate of quinine, corrosive subli-

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most important signs, and it alone, in the absence of other causes for

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tive. But the facts as they occur speak against it. For, in the first place,

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in vision. The improvement lasted for eight months. The Roentgen-ray find-

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ae base of the skull. These fractures, in his opinion, were inflicted on the

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same with the present typhoid, without bleeding and

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the sternocleidomastoid (Fig. 106). The bulging of the supraclavicular

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consulted any one for her eyes since her visit to me in 1890. She

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Gastralgia rarely, if ever, occurs under the age of puberty, or in old age

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methods. As to whether, in l)ull)ar paralysis, the abductors were affected

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wound directed towards the centre of the eye till its end has passed the

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swollen, and lies behind the jaws. ■ This body, which had lain seven-

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xxiv, 705-714, 2 maps. — ITIc Wecney-( E. J.) Demon-

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should be high enough to screen the delinquent from the indignation

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Mater, occurred in the clinical amphitheater April 4. The

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and . 0915 grams of uric acid in 1000 cc. of blood, during an acute attack.

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siderably in intensity, but presents two fairly uniform

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driven to do these things by force of circumstances

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occasional vomiting and some divergence of the eyes on going to sleep, and

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Demonstrator of Anatomy and Histology University of Toronto.

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The same author in " Good Qualities of Gout " again refers to the subject : "A

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the stones. The operator could not be certain until he