Psoriatic Arthritis Sulfasalazine

Case VII. — Thomas McC, aged thirty-one years, truckman.
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months between the haemorrhages. Its appearance may be postponed
latter being due to the thrombus which is added. Frequently, in exami-
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gestibility of food in the stomach, and on the movements of the stomach.
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large hands. Examination — Patient is extremely irri-
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M. D. ; •* Syphilitic Necrosis of the Frontal Bone," by A. H.
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The readiness with which these hearts respond to treatment is
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and the catheter can be inserted without contamination. Further, con-
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temperature,sometimes reaching 102°. Later, there was diar-
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along whose banks diseases of this type are endemic It
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When the disease assumes a sthenic form, antimony is often given, but
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and serpents' urine are distinctly crystalline and display a black cross.
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root, to which they owe their origin. The swamps in which
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denal ulcer. A rising leucocyte count may suggest the sequence
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from which we, as surgeons, ought rather to safeguard him.
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of the day, quite frequent reference to a so-called " tet-
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is then of scientific rather than practical interest.
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sisting of large, flat, scaly patches, numerous on the anterior and pos-
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i>ose.— H., 3ss.-i. (2.-4.); D., 1TLi.-ii. (.06-.12).
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and the report of that committee is looked for with inter-
psoriatic arthritis sulfasalazine side effects
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I WAS glad to see a communication in the Medical Times and
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developing, as is the case with persons with cirrhosis of the
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tract, for example, twenty-eight articles appear. It hardly seems
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causes great mortality when it becomes epidemic among persons
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Volume III deals with the bionomics of stegomyia fasciata,
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on the constitution of the patient, or on the thorough-
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to the thigh by a strap. As in the Hutchison method, locomo-
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The exudation cavity in the membrana tjmpani is either closed
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catheterization by the family physician. Electrolysis.
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unconscious and falls, often with violence, as if hurled down. The fall is
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which in human trypanosomiasis takes the form of meningo-
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Very effective in bad cases of constipation and impactions of
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consisted of globules, the size of which was uniform ; but they were so
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better hygienic conditions and more wisdom in guidance,
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tion of urethrane we had the authority of Schmiedeberg for the