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etc. The diet should consist largely of milk and beef-tea,
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given work, physical if possible, in order to withdraw the atten-
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According to all our best authorities in medicine, it is the most
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PNEUMOTHORAX, Article on, bt Francis E. Anstie, M.D., p. 360.
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Recommended by DR. WATSON in cases of severe nocturnal pain
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injurious in all stages. Of cholera it may be said, as of many
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and by groups ; whence the prolonged attack in estival tertian and the
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Hemianopsia is occasionally met with, and is a most important localis-
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College have added a thorough system of practical Laboratory work. To each course
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cases operated on in Kraske's Clinic; much roid gland, all along the remains of the
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be nominated. Mr Cotterill in his very able and interesting address
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these cities have no facilities for bathing e.xcept such
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being those by Hektoen 1 and Montgomery and Ormsby. 2 Since then
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by pleural lymphatics. 28 Thus, the pleural space is not just a
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even though they spend hours every day in an atmosphere containing much
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• November 7-10, 70th Annual Scientific Assembly, Southern
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how difficult it is to convey an orthodox account of the nature of
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lation still longer. The milk continues to taste well; the taste of the small
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nutrient channels in the valvular substance; others
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vasomotor tone, we find that the majority of the aviators studied show
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soft, flaccid, and puffy ; the skin pallid, the frame rounded, the muscular
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venous thrombosis, as well as some cases of arterial occlusion, the onset
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coprostnaes, wbere fieeal tumors, varying in Bize, can be felt in.
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pable pulsation of the right auricle in tricuspid insufficiency see p. 367.
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to the normal extent, the result being accomplished without any injury to