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On the motion of Dr. Heron Watson, the following nomi-

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Augenleuchten und die Eriindung des Augon-Spiegels. lS9.i.

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No. G. We wish to emphasise this, because, so far as we can

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Not only did this ready occurrence of collapse tend to facili-

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either of a inolet or a blue or blue-black colour, but only of a reddish

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tection in the case of such animals as guinea-pigs and rabbits,

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aneurysm. Operation was contraindicated by the condition

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variably give the osmic acid reaction, probably in some cases

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under the heading of "Irritating Medical Etii|uette," and to which our

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was 21,4!i8-32.'imore than the year before-and that of the members was

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Recognising the fact that germs of various kinds exist plentifully in

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been impossible to clear away all the extravasated material by

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influence of fever on the duration of the flow would be esta-

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for practical purposes, so far as concerned the ordinary pur-

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Presidents: Alex. > Reid LTrquhabt, M.D. ; C. Nohman,

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due to a ruptured tubal pregnancy. On August Ist, 1892, she

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Surgeon-Major T. R. MacijOSAld, Bengal Establishment, Civil Surgeon

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Mb. W. F. Favell has resigned his post as senior surgeon to

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■' That the attention of the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the Aaso-

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the absence by death of one of our colleagues, who had been a

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pleasure of giving evidence gratuitously in cases where the

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1 Abstract of a paper read at a meeting of the North Wales Branch of the

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stimulant, alcohol or ammonia, and by the application of

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The sanitary condition of Indian towns and villages and

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year only, but repeated its visits, and it would be well with

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appears to have spread directly from the inflamed appendix.

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Scotch preserve. He fully recognised the high qualifications

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The eighth annual dinner of Cornishmen in London was

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Camperdown and the case of Forfarshire ; but he became,

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be held in the Museum, College Square North, Belfast, on Thursday,

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