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existence depends much upon individual factors and upon epidemic char-

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City. From 1870 to 1892 he was connected with the Mutual

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of the malpighian tufts with their tubules. We are all

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logical. A man whose limb had been removed on account of

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diminished, and the secretion of the digestive juices is

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Still under the title, at first, of cervical opisthotonos and later, by Still, under

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this combination we have first healthy glomeruli, in which

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one of the first to perform the operation for appendicitis.

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the inguinal glands and spleen being most certain, and that this continued

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see evidence of irritation, possibly of the sympathetic, as shown by marked

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known officer of one of the largest railroads in New England,

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the protection for which he asks thoughtlessly, or without

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cleanliness. The observations of Ferguson, Oilier, and others, afforded

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nervous system, seem capable of explanation by this view only. The writer

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definitely, and that some late lesion due to syphilis may occa-

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been brought in by visitors. Cultures from the milk and from the water

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tunately, however, this is still exceptional, for, as I have said,

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until about the fifth year, after which deaths from measles are comparatively

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and chiefly seated on the face. The patient in this stage of glanders is more

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of the lar^Tix is often difiicult. There may be dyspnoea, hoarseness and

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A mistake that is made more often perhaps than would be expected is

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tremely nervous, easily agitated, and, from his manner and

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mon honesty. There should be no sleight of hand, no jugglery

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typhosus characterized especially by involvement of the lymphoid tissues,

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nominator also reports the nomination to the Home Medical

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pears that every company should wish to meet on a common

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normal The condition of the mouth is often a good index of the care which

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Abscess of the Lung. — Abscess of the lungoccurred clinically in 76 among

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In pneumonia the affected side moves less than the sound side, but not to

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tingly and repeatedly used in doubtful cases, for when the exudate is encysted

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inflammatory degenerative changes in the renal epithelium;

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tion from its foundation up to and inclusive of the

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As further complications of pneumonia the following conditions may be

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the period of incubation it is evident that these different observers cannot

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measles, rotheln, malaria, dengue, uncomplicated tuberculosis except of

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established against certain microorganisms of this class, newly formed

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is destroyed by heating at 58 to 60° C. in the case of bacterioprecipitin, and

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needle, or a slightly curved bistoury previously soaked in a saturated