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Without going into detail I will report more briefly: —
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M. Gerard Marchaxt, of Paris, on ruptures of the middle meningeal artery,
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logical units are much alike ; he differs somewhat from his father,
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anaphylactogens, such as saponins and hirudin may give similar symp-
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dent on the violent but futile spasmodic efforts of the bladder to void its
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When chorea affects the muscles of the face, it gives
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however, the intellect became cloudy, acute delirium
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When the irritability of the stomach is so far quieted as to allow
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■comment vous trouvez-vousV But all the whining he
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before dinner, which was served at 6.30. At the table of honor,
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tion with experience, while each fact promulgated by experience
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contributed very much to lead the public mind to the ideas prevalent
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1. The disease is an infectious fever and has a definite course to run.
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" many methods which have been recently proposed are not in-
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Houghton Mifflin Company, The has been quite generally re-arranged in
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year of a sense of burning on the anterior aspect of the chest and
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made their appearance two days before 1 saw her; and
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is usually called the ' typhoid tongue,' and this is one symptom
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Dr. Andrew Wood moved that the Ueport from the Execu-
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the Philadelphia Hospital I have seen numbers of such cases and
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anaphylactogens, such as saponins and hirudin may give similar symp-
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allied to cretinism followed, which he described under
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not noticed by the President, (and, as he afterwards stated, was not