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colour and form; little bubbles of air arise on their surface ; and some of them

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oval facet for articulation with the navicular bone, the

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was perfectly free for the passage of air, so that there

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initiate disastrous changes in the blood, and become the elements of

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the metatarsal bones has been practised 8 times, of which number 1 was dis-

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within a few minutes. This was in 1902. It was soon found

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John Hirschboeck, M. D., Milwaukee: Hematologic Problems in Children

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Leave of absence for fifteen days, to take effect about July 1,

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in one minute at 10 mm. pressure; in another weighing 52 oz. the

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Physician to Chalmers Hospital ; Consulting Physician, Royal Infirman,-.

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Cases that are very mild throughout are not easy to diag-

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tonsillitis of rheumatic origin, and in acute articular rheumatism in anemic

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In a letter of same date, Dr. P. Richard Taylor, Secretary of the Hospital

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it is your duty to explore it, and, as I have before said, to begin

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that she was growing fatter. She continued steadily to improve until her dis-

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It was, he said, very rare, and he had only met with five

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tion. Much trouble was experienced from venous hssmorrhage,

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experiments, that we can now devise new and successful measures,

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to the back, but it was not so constant as formerly, and the

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2. " Neuralgia in a sensory nerve may increase, alter,

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Various attempts to associate some definite change apart from faulty

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had arisen by direct extension from the surface. The ventricular fluid con-

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ants should be administered on a full stomach; while agents

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doing I have to go through some elementary and familiar details,

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was not exactly uniform, probably on account of a variati(jn in the

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cases, four deaths — two whites and two blacks — ^three of those had had

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the tumor has been removed, exposed. This was done purposely to

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utility of the opiate treatment, and the autopsy leaves no room for distni

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property of such heated sera is due to lecithin can be further estab-

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these forms of hypertrophies may exist separately or conjointly in the

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[34] Widal, Abrami et Brissadd. Sem. med., 1913, lii, p. 613.

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tiie same time, that his left ear began to feel full, and hearing had been

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pital. — The late Francis P. Hurd, of Wakefield, Mass.,

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The skin of the patient is now ready for operation.

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at a temperature of from 72° to 77° in the room, the heat of the bath rose, in

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knowing full well the habit and its effects, often bear moderate pain

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with pain, when he has at his service such a painless and