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sity for operation. He had obtained excellent results

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ous action on higher organisms. The results produced by the gas


the cervix. The anterior portion of the cervix especially is

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field, Ky., and by Drs. Preston B. Scott and D. W. Yandell, of Louis-

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as practical surgeons are unsurpassed. Gentlemen : I am proud

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pression. He was now bled freely ; and in about half an hour bled again,

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medium of vision, will be admitted ; but they could no more see with

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which has been bestowed upon many other objects of medical inquiry.

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Nash, Francis S., acting assistant surgeon, in addition to his duties

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Professor Sir John Halliday Croom, M.D., F.R.C.P.Edin., F.R.S.

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B. S., young, vigorous, multipara, had been for two years a kept

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Also, as so much had been said about the over-crowding of the people, and

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impossible for other organs previously seriously damaged to return to normal.

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syphilis there would be no general paralysis or tabes.

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of the produces of retroyrade metamorphosis. During

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large doses of opium or morphine, and also to abstain

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(originally by Hippocrates) that the catamenial function acts as a

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life captious, supercilious, and careless. Then another

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Rodman, M. D., S. L. Hollingsworth, M. 5 patient being a distinguished naval officer,

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pain are usually found in a ruptured ectopic pregnancy

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that plumbism is uncommon among them. In this country, diamond cut-

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not to produce a specific disease, but to impair its normal condition, so as

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When the ship is outside the range of further action and " secure "

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must not be forgotten. The direct action of the microbes and their

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another the staphylococcus were obtained. The blood

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the name of Dr. Stoner & Company. His advertisements were crude

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There remains for our consideration tubercular peritonitis. This dis-

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cavity, to be what is ordinarily called ascitic. Gases of ovarian

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At the time of this writing, the authors were from St. Luke's Hospital

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