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f Schroeder van der Kolk. On the Minute Structure and Functions of the
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the conclusion that a dog may be deprived of air during 3 min. 50 sec, and
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dilatation, it is due to enlargement of the right ventricle, and
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canal, and pus is discharged by stool. Recovery has taken place uniiw
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its influence has the determined stand against these
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the pericardial sac is full of fluid the heart remains near the anterior sur-
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Homeopathic Society ; Cleveland Bar Association ; Cleve-
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The regular and periodical use of the catheter should not be lost sight
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and ended in the formation of a sub-committee, consisting of one member
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regular in her catamenial flow, though she had suf-
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son to believe that rat-bite fever is much more common in
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the Hospital the chorea almost completely disappeared, but the
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end of a few days for sufficient development to have taken place. In
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want, to all the acts required for its conservation, its cnjoymellt,
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4. Drinker, C. K.: Oxford Med. Ed. by Christian, H. A. and Mackenzie, J.,
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abscess, whicli broke down, and formed a lesion not unlike those exhibited by
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ment is regular, except that the left side, from the spine to the linea alba,
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being those in which the projectile has passed anteroposteriorly
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Bush Medical College held it annual commencement exer-
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producing congestion used to be frequently witnessed in the
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lack of ambition and loss of power. The mind may be dull and
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Terrestrial radiation must not be considered by itself, but together with
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a valid plea for the mitigation of the punishment of the offender. The
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become pent up, and the patient's condition may be worse than before. I have
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ladie? Gaz. d. hop.. Par., 1891, Ixiv, 1089. — Medical
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urine, however, in the case of active tuberculosis elsewhere. If the urine is
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mass of new growth involving interarytsenoid membrane and arytaenoid