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Bettmann and von Vasielewski. The histological lesions consist essen-
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bine the two with 20 grains of white precipitate of mer-
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area ; and (5) that polypi give rise to reflex phenomena only
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sorptiou. Frerichs, later on, recognized the occasional
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for fluid is urgent, it can be usually successfully combated by
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angustus has been recorded from ten counties, all of which
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normal blood is reported by Moog^'-* to have nearly as much thera-
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twenty-one years of age. She had just been confined and been delivered of one
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and its cavity, even to the last, presenting a multilocular or anfraotuoas
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normal it widens out, until it is immensely enlarged
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Avail of the artery, at a point immediately opposite the origin of the
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in 1865, only .056 inch was measured on but 3 days. In 1908
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alysed half of the body is dimini^ed. The most important and ap-
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across his instep, but not of long duration. With this excep-
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to 14 lb of oil of vitriol, previously mixed with half its bulk of
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it was introduced into medicine. Prussic acid is most readily obtain
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Fever, was the title of a joint pajjer by Drs. R. G. Cuk-
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The tape-worms are more formidable beasts. With a strong
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some time been members of the group is rather high.
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greater in retaining them in position. Different apparatuses were
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mended as as important remedy in the treatment of ursemic
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probably supervene ; the thickened mucous membrane may become opaque,
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the thermometer and stethoscope, or have resource to some properly
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and on the other side a typical Egyptian Fellah head. This
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with the University of Aberdeen, Duke Alexander was for many
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circling it. Under a low power of the microscope the nodules can be
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to 6am jecynbelican lime jeleb 1 hyt J?a monoSlican
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more instructive reading. Lugaro points out to all the
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with tubercle bacilli. His appetite continued good and he was able to be up and
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lour to eight cents per pound, making it the most profitable of farm
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Fitzgerald*- show finally) the cells which secrete the hydrochloric acid.
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most firequently in the eyelids). Generally speaking, this is not ob-
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coils. Prowazek, Levaditi, and J. Nattan-Larrier state that T. per-
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terial within the vesicles of the thyreoid in tiie form of tlie
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observer can be enabled to see distinctly the image of
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next day apply No. 2; the third day wash again with tar soap
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perhaps, but incommunicable, or incapable of propagation by con-
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from the game. On some occasions a different umpire was
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