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the spine. The wall of the cyst on the outer and front part was made up of true

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attendant said he had scarlet fever, and notified the case at once. The eruption,

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fluid, used ; by cauterizing the surface from 'i 4th. That the general disease varies in

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find, in addition to atrophy of the nerve -tubules, corresponding changes

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in some degree the irritability of the muscles ; and it appears

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through those of the vessels and canaliculi of the kidnev.

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Quarantine. — Last year Dr. T. S. Bell, who, if not a wise

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cal," the following theses have recently been read: July 16th:

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subsidence of all symptoms. A reinfection may take place about fifty

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residual blood pigment produced by the action of the poison on the haemo-

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(14) No member of the detachment will leave the hospital bounds except

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lated intraperitoneally with two loops of the living virulent strain. The two

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spectrum of the polarized light, and a plate of selenite. The

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or to be entertaining at the expense of true delicacy.

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the view point the author has taken, and the family physician

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ly that the blood of animals will contain sugar, independently

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an admixture of Camphor, Sal ammoniac, neutral salts, and the

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is very interesting, because with an alkaline urine from the infected side the

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writes, "No university should in future consider the establishment

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toms may be dizziness, languor, drowsiness or inability to sleep,

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the feeling of strength and power. As an intoxicant it is much

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the medical editor, solicits and screens all scientific, special and soundings articles; it does not screen socioeconomic or

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In July last, # Mrs. , aged twenty-six years, the mother of three

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about three years, after which they disappear from observation, either

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Make Your Reservations Direct with the Palmer House

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On the other hand, we find eczema, which may be limited to the genitalia,

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In other cases, the attempt to walk was accompanied by a tonic spasm

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A delay in the appearance of the eruption is generally an effect of some

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few diseases the success attending their employment has been

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EARACHE. — Earache is a trouble usually met with in