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diet. In any long series of cases the patients who do well

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soreness in the muscles into which the vaccine has been injected. At times

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Recent researches in regard to the extension of cholera

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The graver symptoms thus far reported were diarrhoea, pe-

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exhibits a bluish-red furrow, in which extravasations are sometimes

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Infirmities or diseases ivhich occasion ahsoliife or relative in'*

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of the typhoid bacillus than is the knife in preventing the

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The species of Hydrangea to which Dr. B. refers grows abundant-

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five or six inches long, a half inch in diameter, turned with a slight rim at

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Medical College, Kansas City, Mo., which had been suspended

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Part 9, pages 661-706. — Authors H to Heim. Issued April 5, 1905. Price 5 cents.

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of the vital energies, than either of them separately. Apart from the

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septicemic svmptoms were vaccinated with Tirus from the same ani-

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or mental work will imperil the prospect of permanency, and

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After the year 1785, the patients from Bicetre were received, and since

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cern us, is, certainly, the most loathsome and infamous

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in the thirteenth century, he may have heard reports of Csssar-

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Lancet, both tending to emphasize the view held by the majority of

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recovered without operation and with very slight defomiity. He

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cure. The urinous infiltration caused an abscess which has

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has thus got intimately mingled with the mucus contained in the

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of the stomach ; coldness of the extremities, without any very naarked

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pathological beyond great thickening of the bladder walU.

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Schizont alternately free in plasma and epi- or endocorpus-

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of headache, vertigo, vomiting, stupor, stertorous breath-

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twenty-one days, whereas, by the older methods practiced at the clinic

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state associated with goitre. As a matter of convenience for

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We think all that can be reasonably expected of the most " up-to-

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fiwt observed. They may then, as Gerhard and others have pointed out,

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