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cut short the relapse at once. In case there is persistent discomfort in the

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in relapsing fever, the micrococcus in some cases of erysipelas,

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Lionel Beale, — every germ, whether vegetal or animal, for there

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He returned to Philadelphia in 1856, and became Pro-

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Hall, Maryland, and at ihe Newark Academy, Delaware.

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important operations performed by him, and were in the form of

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Members of the State society are invited to contribute to the bureau of clinical

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others who have attained eminence in their profession.

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very few curative, or even palliative results could be recorded.

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ought, reasoning a priori, to effect." Dr. Flint states in this con-

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tion ; sensation of constriction in the internal organs; acidity

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present typical epiphysial lesions, without splinters.

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Success, however, has crowned their efforts : we trust it has

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here upon invalids that would seem too marvellous for belief,

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unable to convince the man of the harm he was doing to himself

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be well to invite them to attend church, and although her

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spised all aggrandizement inherited ; so much so that her

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his motto has been a "Better world to live in." With that aim in

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the relative degree of different forces is to be exactly found, the

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the editor presents this phase of the subject in a most masterly

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and night, with good olive-oil, and about Nov. 1 commenced

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tain Other Deforming Affections of the Hip" (Surg. Gyn. & Obst., March,

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is not ftdminating ; the other is absolutely fulminating. In

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the hot summer months is very beneficial in a large majority of

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the United States Army in 1863. He resigned the professorship of

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patient department of the New York Hospital, later becoming surgical

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ary, 1 88 1, at about the eighth month, labor was induced.

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of Philadelphia has a brief article in the " Medical News," sug-

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ing papers of more general interest. New York : D. Appleton

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of human discovery, partakes of human fallibility ; and that time

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menstrual pains approaching labor-pains in severity, and never

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turns of pains in the Bowels, and upon every change of his

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The mucous membranes are seldom greatly affected in acute articular

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the United States. For the five years in which she has

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gress of American Physicians and Surgeons, the first recognition of

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quite easily, especially if a little water or milk be drunk after each dose.

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Wecker of Paris, and by him called the " Capsular Method."

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The pathological appearance of all the organs and tissues in-

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Prognosis. — The prognosis of chronic polyarthritis and arthritis de-

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Free Home for Incurable Cancer. He has published two papers, one

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except excess of use of spirits ; whose surroundings and general

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author from practising the precept, " Prove all things, hold fast

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