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Flatus and some ffeces had jiassed per rectum, and he was comfortable.

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occasioning an obstacle to the passage of the intra-uterine foetus. — Lancet,

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On arrival, the Doctor finding the patient greatly prostrated,

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Kahrungs- und Genusauiittel. Handb. d. Hyg., Jena, 1894,

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ordinary way, and stained with carbol-fuchsin, as for tubercle bacilli,

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At the present writing, five months after operation,

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rapidly, and that its prevalence is of limited duration. Goitre is the very

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periment of t)jis kind is of little value when it is considered how

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ditions of the fundus oculi, as for example, cases of

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Mrs. Hoag, aged twenty-four, was married about five years

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dread the supervention of convulsions ; or, if these be warded off by

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bitters, and the mineral acids, preterriisg each or

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I saw the patient at the end of July, 1896, and found her

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at least three months, and then gradually increase as before. In

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at the Lutheran Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, and took

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to the Institution for Diseases of Children, &c.

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stages, and will come to the stage when cancerous development can

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been a partial or complete recovery of consciousness followed by a sudden

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that we find we have travelled in a circle and have found one of the