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produced either by injections of the pure culture of the diphtheria
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Quarterly Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of
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teriorly, with a large ovary and a small vitellogene gland. There
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We have still to mention the fact that the highest temperatures
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The subject of typhoid fever was discussed, and the manner of treat-
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to this chance of danger until all the other more usual and often successful modes
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Swiss. Has always been fairly healthy, except that she had a long
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manner is especially enforced. Then the professor sums up the case
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vious to the cessation of the menses, she was exposed for
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correction of the spine. He narrated cases of psoas
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on rhetoric and grammar, and thirty-seven on natural his-
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companies ran side by side, some houses receiving the
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On the Transfusion of Blood by Injection into the Peritoneal Cavity.
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scientific, and other manifestations, of which the periph-
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Dr. Barrick — I have great pleasure in endorsing all that has been said ; and it must be
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cerebro-spinal meningitis. In the epidemic observed by Tourdes, the pro-
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pletion of the building, on Dec. i, 1902. The term of ser-
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patchers of tattered humanity, might never lay ourselves open to an
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mere nominal position. But perfection in personal agency is impossible ;
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tient is directed to look directly forward to bring the
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to the rays. Thus far the (3 rays only have been experi-
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mixture above that of the blood diminished coatrulabilitv. It was
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appearing like a deep ulcer, with a yellow base; at others, enveloping
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alleviation. This alone will oftentimes bring about the most
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Dr. F. W. Wright (New Haven) : I presume as a health officer I have