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great blood-vessels, or pericardium. — Cleveland Medical

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feeling of security that the temperature is all right.

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or to prevent anticipated distortion. The second use

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1. Diagnostic Symptoms. — In the acute forms, pain in the lumbar

dextromethorphan side effects high blood pressure

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Iodine in large doses produces temporary catarrh. The weakness

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surface of the body is cool and frequently bedewed with cold sweat. Frrer

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is not of the involuntary character indicating solely irritation of

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pallier to the Society of Biology, medical men here in

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'Spital to visit the sick poor, was voted in the pages of the students'

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1. It mitigates those convulsive movements or spasmodic twitchings. which

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have on hand the largest and most valuable collection

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the stab while the spirochete enters the substance of the agar (in

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simply a matter of more frequent exposure. In his chapter on the

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mined by their agglutination and precipitation reactions, and by the

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initial paroxysm was in reality the relapse, or else that the absence

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closely resembling the exhalation from putrid fish, was very perceptible.

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termination of the gyrus. Sometimes these cells had almost

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In Delility, with profuse Perspiration. — De. Deuitt.

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washing the baby. A special wash cloth, preferably of cheesecloth,

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tack, administer full doses (3 to 6 grs. to children 3 to 6 years old) of

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by post mortem examinations, is not stated. — Ed.

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almost close to the root of the left lung. The right lung

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mouth outbreak was that at New Haven, Conn., during April, May, and

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Kilkenny, was also sent to me by Dr. Stokes for loft facial paralysis