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the temperature usually becomes higher. There is generally severe



these jxxrasites and a search made for their enzymes, soluble and endo-

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weeks to 21 months. Dysentery existed in the wards at this

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He suffered from a very slight attack of small-pox twelve

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In the first stage of the disease the most characteristic auscultatory

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be provided for it. This laboratory has complete equipment,

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The evacuated substance, which, for some time, continues to show a

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that the spinal marrow is that part of the nervous syetem primarily affected. The

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are involved, abdominal dropsy may be present, because the

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cartilage and were said to escape the disease; but quite certainly they do not

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Partially preventable non-infective diseases . . . 17'63

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The son of a Methodist preacher, stationed at Hertford just at the be-

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and sometimes structural changes in the membrane of the

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The aspect of the eruption from a distance is that of a diffuse, bright

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asthenic character, severe whitlows, carbuncles, and bad sore-

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character, so that it no longer caused inflammations with cellular exudations.

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" The Committee, after full and anxious consideration

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CASE 1. Mr. S., aged 75, merchant, formerly subject to attacks of rheu-

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viously made, and the end of the ligature (taught up and

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study of the medical profession, one hundred and five

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becomes dark brown from the formation of minute particles of hematin

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injury inflicted upon the organism, and varies directly with

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unhealthy, and the edges become warty and indurated, the sore putting

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the second group the same food was given, except that the meat was

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is audible, but respiration is exaggerated under the right clavicle, and inspiration is

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to the portion of the nervous system first attacked by the arterial

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occupies only a second^iry place, in many cases no deriviiiion l>eing given at iIL

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Dr. John H. McCoUom is to be appointed Superintend-

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difficulty, and dogs get ' the slows,' and are unable to follow

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swered, " sir, examine for yourself." But, he said, if you have ascer-

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nutritious diet and special cravings for food may be regarded as a

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