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Definition, — An acute catarrhal inflammation of the

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each one works well. But if they take two or more different medicines in

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The general opinion, in which he concurred, had been to at-

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tions de I'erysipele; pneumonic; albuminurie. Soc. d. sc.

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tinue for an indefinite period. Acute dysentery, however, very rarely

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Two Exoellent Hints for Practitioners.— Dr. Cock-

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mainly upon the arrangement of the subcutaneous connective-tissue bundles ;

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in its lower distribution, coincident with the swelling of the

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Begin the treatment with a lobelia emetic, as directed for

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inoculation of human blood containing the parasites, or, as some be-

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Again, the hair may only become coarser, and hard and harsh.

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circumference. In girls, 4.7 to. 6.3 centimetres in circumfer-

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accepted by an ever-increasing number of the practitioners of medicine-)

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A number of patients suffering from menopausal symptoms (natural

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atine used, and its subsequent rapid decomposition.

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a matter of fact on the basis of the popular opinion of two cen-

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be reckoned the small racemose knots, which often make their appear-

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the doctrines now taught by modern physic, I retain

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that it has taken a wrong step in that direction, it

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Written in clear and concise English, this excellent monograph

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scarlatina, and the latter disease may in such cases follow a normal

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column, leaving this at different levels according to the areas which

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to them. But as the mechanical part of respiration remains per-

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Grazing chufas. — Duggar * hurdled 9 Berkshire pigs from November

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benzene for one hour. Water was added to the mixture, which was

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one girl of seven an extensive lupus of the face was re-

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aj;cd sixty, who was hypermetropic and had a central acuity of vision

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