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Large Fan for Winter and Summer Ventilation, Absolutely Devoid of
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those examinations of the chest which are of importance as aftbrdiug the
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borne in mind, is not admissible except earl}' in the career of the affection.
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other things being equal, is in proportion to the amount of the tubercu-
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The treatment in the cases in which ulcerative endocarditis exists and
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in stomacho humano has papillas apparere, ut quidem in ovillo : quemad-
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calculi Avhich have not escaped. If a single round or oval stone only be
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On the following day my patients had all recovered from the
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in private practice, the disease has already advanced to this stage when the
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without in consequence of perforation, or generated within by chemical
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was the disease preceded by albuminuria. I must, therefore, consider it
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between them, were attacked with severe vomiting and purging,
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it proved to be of so much importance that it was honored with
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haps his most striking intellectual characteristics, and naturally
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the general take precedence of the local measures. The surface of the body
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form of diarrhoea have the normal fecal odor. The dejections are called
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found to contain the sulphate of lead. The term sclei^osis (sxxj^poj, hard)
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lung was perfectly healthy, excepting that it contained several
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there is a deficiency of the functional energy of different organs ; the latter
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that of pea-soup or gruel. The sputa are sometimes solid, remaining dis-
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for some time confined therefor to the forecastle of the ship,
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If the peritonitis be connected with perforation of the stomach or intes-
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named whenever it be desirable to avoid the de])ressing effects of the latter.
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<5.,i= M,,n<:-»c; rnr rheUmi.d States oP America.
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opium is the proper treatment, and the one by which the patient
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clusively in the use of alcoholic stimulants. In nine of these cases the
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presented an experimental thesis on atmospheric air, ^.hich, in
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complained, was apprehensive that inflammation of the broad liga-
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different cases presenting very wide differences arising from the presence
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he had become well versed in the theory of medical science,
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passes through the heart in three minutes and a half. The jet
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but in most diseases the dietetic treatment has contributed to inanition.
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as identical with fibrin, and it is often called coagulable lymph. E. Wag-
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and tie this around the splint immediately above the block.
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The Eighty -Fifth Annual Session will begin October 1st,. 1891, and